InterSafe is an engineering safety consultancy with a unique focus on preventing permanent damage to people (multiple fatalities, single fatalities and permanent impairments.)

Our name InterSafe stands for International Safety and Forensic Engineering & Ergonomics.

Our consultants are qualified engineers and ergonomists with decades of collective industry experience.

We combine engineering, ergonomic and human factors thinking to develop workplace solutions.

Our ultimate goal is to work with you to eliminate permanent personal damage from your workplace.

We began in 1996.

We work with organisations both nationally and internationally.

We are a phenomena based consultancy not a compliance based consultancy.  We help you understand your risks not just follow the rules.

We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

FACT: More than 80% of the costs (financial, social, physical) of workplace personal damage is attributed to less than 10% of occurrences.  These occurrences are associated with permanent damage to people (fatalities and permanent impairments). 

We help you manage what matters most.