Our Approach

Our approach to management of health and safety risk is based on a number of fundamental beliefs.

1.  We believe that all people are valuable.

2.  We believe that people have the right to participate in work without experiencing any damage from which they will not fully recover.

3.  We believe the application of a scientific approach to the management of the possibility and probability of permanent damage is essential.

4.  We believe that damage must be primarily managed by the systematic wise application of insight, understanding and knowledge not by enforcing compliance with legislation, policies or rules. 

5.  We believe that damage is the result of a complex multi-factorial interaction between people, equipment and the environment, managed by people, systems and culture, not the simplistic result of errors, failures or root causes.

6.  We believe that a focus on minor levels of damage will not directly manage higher levels of damage. 

7.  We believe that the reality of our control measures must be our focus not the intent of our control measures.

8.  We believe that a success orientated focus will set us apart as the organisation of choice by clients, employees and the community.