Ergonomic Assessment

We provide ergonomic assessments of tasks and workstation layouts.

Our ergonomic task assessments range from a single manual task to a range of tasks for a workgroup.  We also provide ergonomic assessments for operator control panel layouts or workstation layouts.

We analyse manual tasks using a range of tools including Mital tables, Pheasant tables, the NIOSH equation and the Michigan 3D Static Strength Prediction Program (3DSSPP).

Good ergonomic design and top level commitment to the principles of ergonomics will ensure your workforce performs at an optimal level with minimum risk of errors, incidents and personal damage.  Ergonomics helps people work better and, if applied properly, can increase efficiency and productivity, as well as levels of safety and health.

We have investigated thousands of incidents relating to ergonomics.  We continually strive to update our knowledge of best practice approaches and our scientifically based damaging energy and Essential Factors™ models assist us in providing recommendations that are effective, viable and sustainable. 

We are happy to discuss your specific ergonomic assessment needs and accommodate your requirements where we can.