ART-T™ (meaning Analysis Reference Tree-Trunk™) is our advanced version of the Essential Factors™ model.

It takes the basic model and adds two levels of complexity.  The first level introduces an incident timeline for analysis.  The timeline contains the powerful concept of ‘Metastability’ which provides significant opportunities for increased understanding of the incident.  The first level also contains the concept of damage, or potential damage, as the consequence of an energy exchange.  This model dovetails with the Energy Concepts™ approach of Risk Management.  At the second level of complexity, seven additional focussing questions are applied to further enhance the understanding of the incident and identification of effective points of control.

Utilising the ART-T™ model in your organisation, for major incidents, will allow you to more fully understand an incident and identify an increased number of effective points of control for the future.  It provides you with an improved opportunity to prevent the recurrence of future major incidents.

The ART-T™ model is unlike other analysis models in that it is scalable in complexity.  The basic Essential Factors™ model can be used for lower consequence incidents and can be scaled up to the ART-T™ model for more major incidents.  No other incident investigation model has this capability.  This allows for a consistent approach across all investigations.

The Essential Factors™ and ART-T™ models can be used as the basis for all your investigations or can be used to complement your existing analysis model.