Energy Concepts™

Energy Concepts™ is our scientific way of thinking about management of injury and disease. We have an Energy Based Safety approach.

This way of thinking states that:

  • Injury or disease is basically damage to the tissue or function of a person.
  • This damage is the consequence of an energy exchange.
  • The damage may be permanent, temporary or minor.

Ultimately our task, in managing health and safety, is to understand how different energies produce damage and to put in place effective energy management strategies.

Energy Concepts™ is unlike other hazard awareness and risk management tools. It is based on sound scientific principles and provides understanding of what energies to manage and how to effectively manage them. Other hazard awareness models are based on vague questions of “what could hurt you” and rely on perception of risk. Energy Concepts™ is a framework for assessment of real risk.

Integrating the Energy Concepts™ models into your organisation will provide a clear focus for hazard awareness and a better understanding of effective controls. It will enhance your data collection activities. It will focus your risk assessment activities. It will provide focus for your Safety Leadership program and your Behaviour Observation program. The Energy Based Safety approach can help focus your Fatality Prevention Program or Material Risk Management activities.

The extent to which you choose to integrate the Energy Concepts™ model is up to you. You can classify and report your incidents by our Damaging Energy Classification System. You can revamp your organisational and front line risk assessment tools to include an energy based focus. You can conduct energy based audits or tool box talks. You can include energy based questions in your design reviews.

See Risk Management Training for our range of Energy Concepts™ training courses.