Risk Management

Effective Risk Management that focuses on real risk, not perceived risk, will mean you will actually protect your workers, visitors and bystanders, from injury and disease.

InterSafe utilises ways of thinking about Risk Management that are based on the scientific method of modelling, hypothesis forming and testing, and taxonomies.  Our focus is guided by clear thinking, sound logic and good data.  Our vision is to help you effectively manage workplace health and safety and not just compliance.  We specialise in managing the potential for permanent damage to people (multiple fatalities, single fatalities and permanent impairment).

We help focus your existing Risk Management efforts by providing you with models (Energy Concepts™), a workforce engagement tool (Focussed Recall™) or a complete safety management system (InFocus™).  We also provide your management teams, supervisors and workers with training that will enhance their hazard awareness and help them understand and better manage their critical risks.  These tools will powerfully complement your Fatality Prevention Program or Critical Risk Management Program.

Please contact us if you desire to use the Energy Concepts™, Focussed Recall™ or InFocus™ models.