Incident Investigation

Effective Incident Investigation will result in effective controls so that incidents do not recur. It will also save significant time, cost and disruption by eliminating re-investigation of the same type of incident.

People’s individual belief systems dictate our perceptions.  Our beliefs, can be either empowering or limiting depending on whether they help or hinder us in achieving our goals.  Nowhere is this more evident than in incident investigation, where prejudices, preconceptions and value judgements reign along with limiting beliefs such as ‘most accidents are caused by human error / unsafe acts’.  Such models, subconsciously, restrict the flow of information and result in many controllable factors in an incident sequence being missed by the investigator.

We have adopted and developed models and processes for investigating incidents that enable a thorough and effective investigation to occur.  These models and processes are based on sound scientific principles and the investigation of over 10,000 incidents that have resulted in permanent damage (fatalities or permanent impairments).  The models are equally valid for minor levels of damage or for damage to equipment, environment, process, or even reputation.

We can help improve your existing Incident Investigation efforts by providing you with an investigation process (8Steps™ ) and help you to use effective data collection and analysis models (Essential Factors™ or ART-T™).

We can provide your management teams, supervisors, OH&S professionals and workers with training that will enhance their incident investigation endeavours.  We can also help you conduct Major Investigations by leading your site investigation team, being part of your team, or conducting an independent investigation.  We are also happy to review the quality of your investigation processes and reports.