OH&S Systems Audits and Assessment

We have developed a series of adaptable design standards and audit criteria based on our InFocus™ OH&S model.

The InFocus™ model is built around InterSafe’s many years of experience in health and safety and aims for best practice outcomes.  The core components of the InFocus™ model are:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Control
  • Work Environment
  • Occupational Health / Rehabilitation
  • Contractors / Purchasing
  • Emergencies

There are many reasons why organisations implement an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.  Implementation of an effective OH&S Management System should, however, primarily lead to a reduction of workplace illness and injury.

Traditional OH&S system audits are conducted against AS4801.  AS4801 defines in detail the structure of an OH&S system but does not provide clear guidance regarding the content of such a system for managing permanent damage (fatality and permanent impairment).  InterSafe’s extensive exposure to permanent damage phenomena, our models, philosophies and research enables us to readily identify the core features and content of an effective OH&S Management System.  We assist you to tap into this knowledge base by identifying opportunities to strengthen your existing systems.

We can guide you in performing your own internal self-assessment or undertake an independent external audit.  The audit can cover any or all aspects of the InFocus™ model.  We are also happy to audit your OHS System against other audit criteria such as AS4801 or your own internal audit criteria.

The InFocus™ audit criteria can be readily adapted to meet the specific needs of existing systems within your organisation.