Audits and Assessment

Effectively managing OH&S is a complex task. Obtaining expert external advice through audits or assessments can help you identify where gaps or opportunities for improvement exist.

Legal compliance is often considered the benchmark and goal. But what if that is not enough?

What is understood about the phenomena of how people are permanently damaged and how to effectively manage OH&S is constantly growing and changing. Some of what was accepted as best practice 2 decades ago, and even entrenched in compliance requirements (legislation, codes of practice, standards), is now surpassed as we understand the problem better. It takes a while for legislation to catch up.

Our audits and assessments are based on the investigation of over 10,000 incidents culminating in permanent damage (fatality or permanent impairment). We have prepared over 140 taxonomies of permanent damage to people from a range of industries. We continually strive to understand how people are damaged and use scientific thinking such as the damaging energy and Essential Factors™ models. We are a phenomena-based consultancy, not a compliance-based consultancy. We assist you to know when to go beyond compliance to effectively manage damage to your people.

We have conducted many varied audits and assessments.  We can assist you with audits or assessments in the following areas:

We are happy to discuss your specific audit or assessments needs and accommodate your requirements where we can.