Load Restraint Assessment

We provide load restraint assessments to the Australian Load Restraint Guide.

Our assessments are based on the calculation method using our internally developed Safe Load™ software.

Our assessment is based on the investigation of many incidents involving load restraint.  We have also conducted load restraint assessments for mining companies, manufacturing companies, governments and councils.  We have also conducted comprehensive ergonomic assessments of a range of commercially available in-line tensioners.  We do not conduct tilt testing to certify a restraint system as this method does not preserve the safety factors of lashings used.

We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your existing load restraint system with recommendations for improvement from a load restraint and ergonomic point of view.  We can also advise you how to restrain your load in a way that will meet the requirements of the Load Restraint Guide and provide you with a practical load restraint guide for each type of load you carry.

We are happy to discuss your specific load restraint assessment needs and accommodate your requirements where we can.