InFocus™ is our model for the design and audit of OH&S Management Systems.

The model is a ‘hub & spokes’ model with “Management and Leadership” at the hub and 6 core aspects of managing OH&S as the spokes.  It is based on our experience of investigating many thousands of incidents and our combined expertise in OH&S.

Utilising the InFocus™ model in your organisation will provide strong direction for managing OH&S.  It has a clear focus on managing high consequence occurrences (fatalities and permanent impairments).  It also provides guidance on managing risk by understanding the phenomena of what is being managed.  This means that we help you achieve world’s best practice in managing risk.

InFocus™ is unlike conventional OH&S Management Systems which tend to be based only on legislative compliance.  We regularly encounter systems that are compliant but significant OH&S risks are not being effectively managed.  Legislation often prescribes how to manage OH&S (the system) but does not always give clear direction on what to manage in OH&S (the risks and controls).  In some instances the legislation may be prescriptive but to effectively manage the risk you need to go beyond compliance.  The InFocus™ model helps you to decide when to simply meet compliance and when to go beyond compliance to effectively manage your OH&S risks.

The InFocus™ model can be implemented in part or as a whole.  You can use it as an audit tool for your existing OH&S Management System to identify strengths and opportunities.  You can implement particular elements of the model to enhance or complement features of your existing OH&S Management System or you can implement the complete InFocus model.