Motor Vehicle Incidents

Motor vehicle incidents can be complex and difficult to understand. InterSafe provides expert engineering services to help you understand the liability issues.

Our holistic approach and technical engineering knowledge can make all the difference to your case.  Our engineers are qualified and trained in understanding car crash phenomena.  We can help you understand what happened during the incident, factors associated with the final outcome and how the incident could have been avoided.

Factors we commonly consider when analysing a motor vehicle incident include:

  • Reaction times
  • Vision & perception issues
  • Vehicle damage
  • Vehicle dynamic capabilities
  • Road markings (e.g. skid & yaw marks)
  • Road design and traffic control issues

Methods we commonly use when gathering data for a motor vehicle incident include:

  • At-scene measurement
  • Analysis of photographs
  • Analysis of sketches 
  • Detailed drawings and calculations
  • 3D crash analysis software (PC-CRASH)
  • Forensic examination of evidence

Our services for motor vehicle matters include reports for conference, reports for court and expert testimony in court.

To assist you in establishing liability, we welcome you to send us a brief or contact us for a free initial discussion of the issues.