Taxonomy is a scientific method of classification or pattern analysis.

InterSafe applies this method to the analysis of safety incidents to assist you to:

  • see the types of incidents that keep on occurring
  • get insight into effective areas to focus safety resources
  • see effects of initiatives over time
  • see where an incident fits into the broader pattern for your industry or workplace

Quality taxonomies depend on:

  • the underlying theoretical model
  • the experience and perception of the taxonomist
  • the quantity and quality of available data

InterSafe uses the powerful Damaging Energy model as the underlying theoretical model.  We have created in excess of 150 taxonomies for a range of industries.  The data is usually based on permanent damage (fatalities and permanent impairments.)  Appropriate data is critical to guiding your Fatality Prevention Program focus or your Critical Control Monitoring Programs.  Taxonomies provide this focus.  We have worked with organisations and government associations to access and analyse significant quantities of incident data.

We have taxonomies (both fatal and non-fatal) for the following industries:

  • Mining – All, Gold, Nickel, Iron Ore, Coal (surface & underground), Metalliferous, exploration drilling
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Electricity, Gas & Water Supply
  • Maritime
  • Crane, Ladder, Scaffolding, Roof Fatalities
  • Electrical fatalities – public & worker

Access to our taxonomies is via our shop and is negotiated with each organisation.  If you would like access please contact us.

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