Risk Management Training

We provide a range of training courses in Risk Management, based on our Energy Concepts approach.

These include:

  • Energy Concepts™ – Module 1 – Understanding Permanent Personal Damage (1 day)
  • Energy Concepts™ – Module 2 – Understanding Human Energy – Manual Handling (1/2 day)
  • Energy Concepts™ – Module 3 – Understanding Gravitational Energy (1/2 day)
  • Energy Concepts™ – Module 4 – Understanding Vehicular Energy (1/2 day)
  • Energy Concepts™ – Module 5 – Understanding Electrical Energy (1/2 day)

Having the appropriate information is a critical component for succeeding in any task, including the identification of hazards and effectively controlling these risks.  These training courses will equip you to focus on aspects of your work that have a real potential to permanently damage or kill people.  They will also equip you to understand the limitations of current or common controls and provide insight into more effective control strategies.

Our training is delivered by experienced consultants who regularly investigate incidents that have resulted in permanent damage.  Our training content is based on our collective understanding of how best to manage OH&S risks.  We are constantly researching the best approaches and recognise the limitations of traditional or conventional wisdom.  Our human factors insights, coupled with engineering and ergonomic thinking can help you create a workplace culture of honesty, care and openness.

Our Risk Management training is delivered on-site.  We typically train groups of 8 to 20 persons at a time.  We can train leadership teams, work teams and whole sites including the senior managers, supervisors, health and safety professionals, and workers.  The choice is yours.

We are happy to discuss your specific training needs and accommodate your requirements where we can.