Focussed Recall™

Focussed Recall™ is our powerful workforce engagement process for capturing the unreported knowledge of your workers to predict future incidents that could result in permanent damage to people.

You may not know the actual ‘high risks’ present in your business… but your workers do.  They just need to be asked the right questions.

The core of the process is actively harvesting the experience of the workforce using a framework of focussing questions.  After problems are identified each is evaluated for solutions based on our expertise in understanding how people are permanently damaged.

Utilising the Focussed Recall™ process in your organisation will help you implement controls that will address the genuine high risks faced by your workers.  These risks may have not been reported or considered worthy of intervention.  Focussed Recall™ will give you confidence that you are spending time, resources and effort in managing the most likely sources of permanent damage (fatality & permanent impairment) for your workers.

Conventional incident / hazard reporting systems rely on the worker or observer identifying and reporting perceived risks.  There are generally gaps in this approach.  For example, people do not generally perceive the risk of permanent life-altering damage from over-exertion in manual handling, nearly falling or being jolted and jarred whilst in a vehicle as it is often seen as just part of the work.  The Focussed Recall™ process, which is unlike conventional systems, is based on our knowledge of what actually produces fatal and non-fatal permanent damage to persons and actively seeks out workforce exposures to these risks

The Focussed Recall™ process can be implemented at a workgroup, department, site or organisational level.  The choice is entirely yours.  Recall sessions are facilitated by our consultants and generally conducted with groups of 5 to 6 persons, ideally capturing at least 30% of the workforce to ensure all critical risks are identified.  The output of the process is a detailed and prioritised report with recommended solutions that can form the basis of, or complement an existing, High Risk Management Plan for your work team, work area, site or business.  The output can also feed your Critical Control Monitoring Program.