Safety in Design Training

InFormed™ represents “INformation FOR Managing Energy by Design”, which is our framework for thinking about Safety in Design

We have developed three courses for Safety in Design which are:

  • Safety in Design – Module 1 – The Theory (2 days) – for designers
  • Safety in Design – Module 2 – Leading a Review (2 days) – for review or RA facilitators
  • Safety in Design – Module 3 – Critical Issues for Scoping and Auditing a Review (1 day)

The training provides you with frameworks of thinking, detailed information of how people are damaged, and a detailed process for conducting a Safety in Design review.  These frameworks and processes will assist you to make wise design choices that will prevent future incidents and save your organisation time, effort and money in the long term.

Our training is unlike other Safety in Design training because it not only provides you with a review process but also with insight into how people are damaged and what to specifically focus on during a review.  We provide you with process and content.

Our training is delivered by experienced consultants, using our collective understanding of how best to review designs to maximise identification of effective controls.  We are constantly researching the best approaches and recognise the limitations of traditional or conventional wisdom.

Our Informed™ training is delivered on-site.  We typically train groups of 8 to 15 persons at a time, however, Module 2 is limited to 6 persons.  We are happy to discuss your specific training needs and accommodate your requirements where we can.