Workplace Incidents

Workplace incidents occur in many and varied ways, and liability can be puzzling. InterSafe provides expert engineering services to help you understand the liability issues.

Our holistic approach and technical engineering knowledge can make all the difference to your case.  We can help you understand what happened during the incident, whether the incident was foreseeable, whether the damage to the person was a predictable outcome from the incident, and how the incident could have been prevented. 

For our expert evidence services, we draw on our extensive and ongoing consulting and training experience and our unique scientific approach to incident causation.  We have a multidisciplinary view drawn from medical, engineering, ergonomic and behavioural sciences and extensive knowledge of how people are damaged at work.

We can assist you with a broad range of workplace incident types.  Common types of workplace matters that are regularly investigated by InterSafe include:

  • Manual tasks (traumatic or over-time injuries)
  • Falling objects
  • Slips, trips, mis-steps and falls
  • Machinery
  • Falls on stairways, ladders & access systems
  • Falls from height

We employ a range of specialist methods and equipment, including slip testing and specialist software to assist with understanding.

Our services for workplace matters include reports for conference, reports for court and expert testimony in court.

To assist you in establishing liability and to better understand what we can provide, we welcome you to send us a brief or contact us for a free initial discussion of issues.