Leading a Review

We can facilitate design reviews and risk assessments.

Our facilitation is based on a clear process and we provide information to ensure that reviews are focussed on aspects of the design or work that are most likely to produce permanent damage (fatalities or permanent impairment).

Often, design reviews or risk assessments do not produce meaningful outputs.  Common outputs are long lists of generic risks with generic controls.  These lists are often unorganised and not easily understood by a person reviewing the design review or risk assessment.  Capable facilitation will result in a defined scope, clear process, and understood outputs that will make a difference for your organisation.

Our clear facilitation process draws on the investigation of over 10,000 incidents culminating in permanent damage (fatality or permanent impairment).  It also draws on over 120 taxonomies of industry incident data of permanent damage (fatal and non-fatal).

We can facilitate a review or assessment on site.  Alternatively we have facilities at our office in Brisbane where reviews could be conducted.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  We can also train you to facilitate Safety in Design reviews and risk assessments.