Incident Investigation Training

We provide a range of training courses in Incident Investigation.

Courses typically include detail of the 8Steps™ investigation process plus the Essential Factors™ or ART-T™ analysis models.  We have over 8 different courses available.

For a detailed explanation of the range of available courses, download our Overview Document.

Use of a consistent investigation process, such as 8Steps™, and a scalable analysis model, such as Essential Factors™ / ART-T™, will allow your personnel to progress from basic level investigations to advanced level investigations by simply adding layers of complexity to the model they are already familiar with.  Our training will equip you to investigate incidents at whatever level you need.

Our training is delivered by experienced consultants who regularly investigate incidents that have resulted in fatality or permanent damage.  Our training content is based on our collective understanding of how best to investigate incidents to maximise the identification of effective controls.  We are constantly researching the best approaches and recognise the limitations of traditional or conventional wisdom.

Our Incident investigation training is delivered on-site.  We typically train groups of 8 to 15 persons at a time.  We are happy to discuss your specific training needs and accommodate your requirements where we can.

Our ART-T™ (3 day) course is also offered as a public course from time to time.  This course is usually facilitated by our Principal Consultant, Roger Kahler, and introduces concepts beyond our other advanced training courses.