InterSafe has prepared a number of resources to assist you to implement our models and approach to OH&S.

Our primary resource is knowledge and information in the form of Taxonomies and Papers.

  • Our taxonomies are only available to clients who have negotiated an access fee.
  • Some of our papers are free-of-charge.  To access further papers please contact us.

We have also developed web based and intranet based software to assist with the scoping, collection of data, analysis and preparation of reports for Incident Investigations.  This software is based on our Essential Factors™ and ART-T™ analysis models.

Other resources that may be of interest to you are:

  • Damaging Energy classification for incident data (Damaging Energy Framework)
  • Damaging Energy icons for creating posters / awareness / focus
  • Pocket Book inserts of Damaging Energies with:
    • Focussing questions for pre-task assessments (JSAs, Take5s, etc.)
    • Pareto Damaging Energy Charts for your industry
    • Haddon’s Energy Management Strategies
    • HSE Design Criteria Handbook

Please contact us directly if you are interested in resources other than those Taxonomies and Papers available from the Shop.